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Citron | Lemon Quartz Crystal

Citron | Lemon Quartz Crystal

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 Exquisitely gilded with 22K gold leaf, this anklet flaunts everlasting sophistication and displays master artisanship. The timeless 14K gold nuances the Lemon Quartz crystals, forming a seamless amalgam of treasured materials.

In addition to its attractive exterior, Wearing this anklet can act as an individual token to stay driven by your ambitions and raise your spirits in life's vibrant moments.



  • Lemon Quartz crystals encased in 22K Gold Leaf
    • Crystal size: average 20x12mm
  • 14K chain ensemble
  • Globally Sourced 

Note: All anklets are custom made. Therefore, they are meticulously crafted, tailored exclusively for you. They are designed with an adjustable length to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. No reproductions/restock after sold out.

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