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EverBloom | Tourmaline Crystal

EverBloom | Tourmaline Crystal

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Crafted with precision, EverBloom adds a touch of luxury to your everyday wear. The 14K gold chain ensemble complements the natural hues of each of the green tourmaline crystals, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and grace. 

Green tourmaline embodies a tapestry of sophisticated symbolism, encompassing themes of growth, abundance, and the harmonious equilibrium of the human spirit. It is revered for its capacity to awaken the heart chakra, facilitating a profound connection with nature and bestowing a protective aura that wards off shady energies.



  • Green Tourmaline crystals encased in 22K Gold Leaf
    • Crystal size: varies (average 18 x12mm)
  • 14K chain ensemble
  • Globally Sourced 

Note: All anklets are custom made. Therefore, they are meticulously crafted, tailored exclusively for you. They are designed with an adjustable length to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. No reproductions/restock after sold out.

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